FLOYD LEWIS posted a status
Jun 26
late 1970s I ran ads in comic price guides (the little ones) I am now trying to remember their names , rocket blast and comic buyers guide to comic fandom is easy , anyone remember the names of ANY of the others? for every new comic guide you found , this would end up leading to another one , so there may have been over 100 in that time period (I am just looking for names)

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  • Hmm, how many adzines were there in the late '70s? I'm sure there were smaller ones I'm forgetting but it seems like that kind of concept didn't start taking off again until the early '80s.

    Oh, Bobby Sommerkamp had one around that time. Fandom Trader, I think?
    • I think most of my batman collection came from that one , but I didnt run ADS in it ,I know there is no way I could have kept all these issues (I dont even save my own art) I just remember coming home from work and finding 4 of 5 comic guides...and what was always neat , you would order one ,just to find yourself on the mailing list forever

    • Yeah, I miss relying on the mail and all those surprises in the mailbox.


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