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Peter Hsu

There is a photo of Wally Wood I remember , him sitting in a chair surrounded by his stuff , taken by friend Peter Hsu..then as I was looking for it ,I thought ,Hey know whats missing from this site? Peter Hsu



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from my desk

I am still printing old as well as new. ...but no free comic book day this year cons..but about some of the old..

1979 LOST COMICS FOUND..Wally Wood used to run ads in my DARTGIRL and SPYGIRLS comix..I returned the favor by running ads for canno
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In the mailbox: comics from Henry Jaepelt


Relatively recent releases from Henry and Fafá Jaepelt include: Discos (a comics anthology about music and records both real and imagined), Catzine #4 (you guessed it, a cat-centric comics anthology), Encrucijada #2 (comics and art from Latin Americ

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